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Dr. Howells is amazing! We had an eye emergency on New Year's Eve and Dr. Howells was able to treat us. He went above and beyond, and was very helpful. I trust Dr. Howells with my family and so should you. We will for sure be visiting Dr. Howells again for all of our eye care needs.
Brittany N    -    January 2016

Dr. Howell and his staff are amazing! I have very bad vision and have tried several doctors with not the best results. I went to Cornerstone Vision and wow was i immediately impressed. Dr. Howells went above and beyond getting my prescription where it should be, got me seeing better than i ever have. This is absolutely a top notch vision center with great knowledgeable people. Do not hesitate to go see them, you'll be glad you did!!!
Zach B    -    October 2015

Dr. Howells and his staff were great! I recommend them to everyone. My experience was very one and one, he explain everything he was doing and answered my millions of questions. His staff even helped me pick out glasses (which I hate doing).
Chealse    -    September 2015

I had a stroke that drastically affected my vision. My left eye drifted back and forth constantly. I had surgery to repair it in 2010, but I still saw double at times, and couldn't make out details of things if they were more than three or four feet in front of me. After the surgery the doctor told me that he did his best, and that was the best my vision would get. At that time I was looking forward to a life of blurry backgrounds and would never be able to drive a car again. I waited for four years before I was given a card for Dr. Howells at a grocery store, and decided to give him a try. After one visit, he determined exactly what was wrong with my vision, and ordered my glasses. After receiving them I started the process of applying to get my drivers license back. I am happy to say that I can now see things all the way across a room, and I received my drivers license in the mail 2 days ago! Dr. Howells helped me to get back my life, and my independence!!
Angela T    -    Febuary 2015

I was very impress with Dr. Howells' personalize service and knowledge, We were made aware of all the risks when sleeping with contacts and other types of eye problems. I will recommend Cornerstone Vision and Dr Howells to all my friends and family members for sure, Keep It Up !!!
Armando G    -    Febuary 2015

I have never been happier with an eye doctor. Dr. Howells spends as much time as possible with each patient. It never seems as though he is rushing you out. He also explains what he is doing, and how it benefits me as a patient. When I leave his office I feel like I have a better knowledge of my eyes and how healthy they are. He is very thorough. He takes every step possible to make sure my eyes are healthy. No shortcuts. He even took a picture of my retina and took the time to show it to me and explain what is happening with a part of my eye I had never seen before. I have never had a doctor take this picture. My kids love him because he is so friendly and he does not do the eye "puff" machine. He has a better device that they are not uncomfortable with. Really happy with our experience at Dr. Howells office!
Miriam P    -    August 2014

I've taken my family to Dr. Howells for over 4 years. He was great with my young kids and professional with me and my wife. I found him to be knowledgeable and amiable. I also always found his office to be clean and comfortable.
Brent P    -    July 2014

Excellent service and quality. Dr. Howells is very knowledgeable and friendly. Staff and office are great! Overall great experience! Highly recommended!I'd definitely recommend Cornerstone Vision without hesitation.
Sam C    -    July 2014

I am thrilled that I found Dr. Howells! Having been treated by several different eye doctors over the years and not getting any resolution to my vision problems, this is such a gift. He and his staff are very professional, warm and attentive. It is evident that he is passionate about what he does and that made me feel important to him. Today I am actually enjoying reading, using the computer and other various activities that would otherwise be a challenge. He has also treated my children and they absolutely love him! Go "SEE" what you are missing today!!!!
LaRee P    -    July 2014

I was struggling a bit to see my computer screen. Doctor Dan recommended a pair of glasses specifically for distance I usually sit from my computer. It's made all the difference. I wish I hadn't waited so long. I get more accomplished and have less eye strain at the computer. He is great to work with and I appreciate his candid and balanced advice.
Roger H    -    July 2014

I took my family to Cornerstone Vision for eye exams and came away amazed at the experience. Dr Howells pays attention to details, dilates the eyes for accurate prescriptions, and diagnosed problems that several family members have been having that other doctors dismissed. Ultimately we ended up with beautiful glasses (so many wonderful frames to choose from) and clear vision. My youngest had been struggling with reading and his previous prescription from a different doctor corrected for his prescription, but didn't correct for his weak eye. Dr. Howells added a prism to his lenses (I had never even heard of that being an option before) and now instead of my son complaining his eyes are tired after 10 minutes of wearing glasses, he is now very upset if he ends up at school without them. We are all happy with our glasses and all of us have been complemented on our frames. Dr. Howells also takes pictures of the inside of your eye, he found a genetic problem, and I can now focus on trying to keep it from getting worse. Because of the photo, this problem has been caught years ahead of normal diagnosis and my old doctor had never dilated my eyes or noticed this problem. Go to Dr. Howells, you won't be disappointed!
Janae B    -    June 2014

I got the lightest and best looking safety glasses ever! Dr. Howells was great. I have confidence that my prescription is correct because he is very careful and thorough. He wants to make sure you have exactly what you need. I am always very curious about how things work and he was very willing to answer any question I had. You will get more attention here compared to anywhere else. The staff was friendly and helpful. Thanks for a great experience. I will be back.
Mark C    -    May 2014

I have been going to Dr. Howells for several years now. I am very happy with his services. He is very personable and makes me feel comfortable and not rushed when I come to see him. I am extremely happy with my prescription and glasses. He makes my old eyes see like young eyes!
Nancy Y    -    May 2014

This was my first trip to an optometrist but it didn't feel like it. The entire experience was very straightforward and actually kind of fun. The staff made me feel right at home making it easy to ask questions. Dr. Howells explained things to a level of detail and simplicity that made me feel like I was becoming an expert myself. I'd definitely recommend Cornerstone Vision without hesitation.
Bryce T    -    May 2014

I have worn contacts or glasses my entire life and have been the typical "cheap" utah girl going to what I thought was a good enough doctor. I can't believe I waited this long to see a REAL doctor. His pricing is in line with the "other guys" but Dr. Howells actually does a real eye exam. He found some eye strain due to over wearing my contacts and educated me why that was dangerous, nothing anyone has ever covered with me before. He even helped me pick a pair of glasses that I am not embarrassed to wear in public. I have never met a nicer more educated eye doctor. Even my daughter who has great apprehension with doctors was immediately put at ease in his office. I know now I will be seeing clearly for a long time instead of loosing my eye site at an early age which is what would have happened if I hadn't met Dr. Dan.
Rebecca A    -    Febuary 2014

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